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Hello, I'm Yaël GUILLOUX.

I love to design, develop and grow web products.

I'm from Nantes, I was born the 29 May 1996.

Professional experiences


Web Developer @ Lone Stone Consulting (Agency)

03, 2019 02, 2020

As the MyGooder project ended, I wanted to expand my field of view concerning web products creation.

I so joined Lone Stone consulting agency to learn from their advanced experience.

Worked on 5 different web apps projects.

Took part in product specification and planning on a high-end web product.

Product Owner @ MyGooder (Marketplace B2C)

05, 2018 03, 2019

As I began to bring more and more people through our growth hacking strategy, I had noticed a lot of problems on our product.

The founders team decided to let me plan and manage the rework of our product, backend & frontend.

Built the frontend (Vue) while my team did the backend following my specifications.

Remade an entire marketplace in 6 months.

Growth Hacker @ MyGooder (Marketplace B2C)

10, 2017 05, 2018

As a growth hacker, I had the role of handling and optimizing growth inside the company.

This role at the intersection of marketing, tech, data and product was a great way to acquire a deeper understanding of each of these company departments.

Reworked the entire onboarding process.

Made profit with automated "net-entreprise" registering (Headless Chrome script).

Battle-tested my bootstrapping skills.

Freelancing @ Ipseity

05, 2016 Present

I used to manage gaming communities online, I created a company to pay taxes for this business, then turned that activity into a web development service for a wide variety of customers.


Lion School @ The Family


International Marketing BAC @ UQTR (Quebec)


International Management Bachelor @ Brest Business School

2014 2017

Hobbies and things I love

Contributing to Open Source

JavaScript (React, Vue, TypeScript )

Being helpful on web communities

Well designed products

Skateboarding, swimming

Interstellar, Into The Wild, Watchmen

Orwell, Hemingway, Larcenet

Mall Grab, Eddie Vedder, Mobb Deep

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Side projects

I spend most of my free-time working on side projects mixing my personal life interests with what I deeply love in my work, solving problems.

This second page is so appended with my resume, as a list of my published or work in progress projects, showing what I can achieve on my own. (SaaS)

I had a problem with YouTube UI and browsing. Recommendations felt wrong and overall user content management was missing some key features to me.

I so rebuilt an entire alternative experience, adding some features for YouTube power users like subscriptions management, interests based video feeds, playlists duplicates cleaning and much more.

Laravel API

Laravel Nova back-office

Vue app

Asynchronous jobs using queues

YouTube Data API, Google Auth

SaaS model, using Stripe (Open Source App)

The COVID-10 quarantine was a rough moment. I felt the need to keep a log of my daily life.

I so built a developer-oriented bullet journal, with integrations through Command Prompt, Terminal and a minimalistic yet sufficient Web App.

Laravel API

AlpineJS and Livewire with Turbolinks (TALL)

Node CLI Interface

Alfred command prompt extension

Growth Bunker (SaaS)

A SaaS service built with a colleague @LeCoupa during two years.

The main focus of this app was to make the life of Shopify sellers easier by providing tailor-made content, automated workflows and custom metrics.

Laravel API

Nuxt app

Custom made widgets system


Seett ne l'ree (Content)

Work in progress project focused on giving to visitors a new eye on the wonderful city of Nantes.

Through an interactive map, my girlfriend Mégane reference all the artists, places, and stories we love in the city.

Backend with WordPress as an API

Nuxt app

Mapbox for the interactive map (Blog)

Just my personal blog, sharing stories behind my projects and my general thoughts about what I'm doing.


Nuxt app